Local events to enjoy

Stocktonians remain in the dark about interesting attractions happening nearby

When people talk about Stockton, one complaint that I usually hear is that Stockton is boring. Stockton may not be a tourist destination, nor is it the safest place. But what Stockton definitely is not is boring.

A few years ago, the city introduced the “Stockton is Magnificent” movement. Ever since, more events and entertainment activities have arisen. These events provide recreation, insight into other cultures, and friendly environments.

Most of these events are cheap, some are even free. Even with the great accessibility to these attractions, they’re not being taken advantage of. It’s not like these events are unannounced — there’s a  hole calendar on the Stockton website that has all information regarding each event.

Even with this provided information, attendance seems to be patchy.

My family lives on a tight budget, so going out of the house is a rarity. I’ve recently started going to the Stockton events. Initially, I thought that they were going to be boring and disorganized. I was proven to be wrong.

I’m sure many families in Stockton are held back from going out because of financial issues. The reality is, these events would be perfect for them to get out and enjoy themselves. The Stockton events are well put together and thought through. Police officers are almost always there, giving a sense of safety and security.

Some people, such as junior Leonardo Leon, didn’t know that Stockton hosts these events. “In my spare time I just go on my phone and stay indoors a lot,” he said. “These events seem pretty cool, and I might consider even going to some of them.”

As for others, these events serve as an outlet for enjoyment.“I’ve gone to the Greek festival before, it was fun,” said sophomore Marissa Gonzales.

“The food and entertainment at the festival was great. I liked how the event was very organized.”

What these events need to receive is exposure. Countless times I’ve missed an event because I didn’t know it was going on. I think this is the case for other people. Instead of focusing on promoting these events through the Stockton website alone, information can spread more efficiently through social media.

There are some websites that have branched out into social media to promote these events. Sites like @stocktonca on Snapchat and Instagram, and @stocktonevents on Instagram help spread information.

Even with these promotions, people are clueless about what events are happening.

These events aren’t boring. There’s actually a lot of entertainment involved with them. For example, an event that grabs the attention of Stockton is StocktonCon. This event has a high attendance. One free event is the Movies at the Point. This event is held downtown at the Waterfront, and everyone is invited to come.

That event is hardly ever packed. I find it unfortunate, because not only is it free, but it’s also a great experience.

Stockton may have a bad reputation, but it’s starting to improve. Countless new attractions are starting to surface, and they appeal to everyone. Too bad they’re not given a chance.