A passion for music

Adrianna Owens and Devin Wickstrom


Adrianna Owens

Jonathon Ivy, a junior, looks through his music as he begins to practice playing the cello.

Nuvia Cervantes

Junior Jonathon Ivy has been playing various instruments since he was in fifth grade. He currently knows how to play the bass, cello, violin, piano, drums, quints and some guitar. Not only is he in his seventh year playing musical instruments, he is also in his seventh year of orchestra. Ivy is currently section leader of the cello players in the Stagg Orchestra.

Ivy began his musical trek in fifth grade while attending Kohl Elementary, where it was a requirement to know how to play an instrument. His first pick was the cello.

After learning to play the cello, Ivy moved on to the next instrument, then the next and the next. “It’s just when I got used to an instrument, I wanted to try other ones. I really like to play the drums, even though I’m not the best at it.”

People tend to gawk when Ivy tells them how many instruments he can play. He says he feels proud whenever he informs others of his musical capabilities because it reflects the time he put into learning how to play those instruments.

Now, Ivy is taking his musical talent even further by auditioning for the San Joaquin High School Honors Orchestra. Already he underwent the first part of the auditions. Ivy recorded himself playing the cello and sent it to judges who later decided he could move ahead in the process.

Next, Ivy was required to go through a second audition at Delta College. This one determined which chair position he would take. “I was really, really nervous because I was playing in front of a large crowd.” He received second chair and will now begin rehearsing with the orchestra for a free performance that will be held at Delta College in January.