Warped Tour becomes ‘the time of my life’

photo 3
Ty Accord of the band Issues, keeps his promise to Plascencia and takes a selfie with her.

The bass in my chest. The rush through my body. The pounding of my heart.

Surrounded by thousands of people who all share the love for music, and even better, live performances by bands that have saved many lives– this is the annual Vans Warped Tour.

My 3rd year going, and it still never fails to disappoint. I had the time of my life.

Some can say the band lineup wasn’t all that great, but Warped Tour is about discovering new music, and being open minded. But, in my instance, I got to see some of my favorite bands like Chelsea Grin, Attila, Breathe Carolina, For All Those Sleeping, Issues and many more.

Whether it was the lead singer going into the crowd to sing or crowd surf, to the props like rafts and water guns being used, the performances all blew my mind. Breathe Carolina, Attila, and The Color Morale all put on a show to remember. The crowds went crazy. There was joy on the faces of every fan.

What made this year exhilarating from the last two, was meeting Ty Accord– the turntable and synth player of Issues. The person I’ve been waiting two years to meet. But that’s not the best part. The best part was how it happened.

After meeting with Breathe Carolina, to my side I saw Issues also doing a signing. I got in line only to find out that I needed a ticket to proceed in meeting them– a ticket I didn’t have.

Heartbroken, I stood to the side watching. I waited, calling out to each of the members and surprisingly they responded. Before finally leaving, I called out to Ty and asked to take a picture with me, after checking out his DJ set.

“Yes, definitely,” he said.

There’s no way he’s serious, I thought. I asked again for reassurance and made him promise.

“I promise you,” he said as he looked me into the eyes, with his fist clenched to his heart.

I walked away happy.

Later I went to meet him, and there he was. He kept his word. He took the time to actually talk to me, not just a simple “hey, ok take the picture.” He asked for my name and had a conversation with me. I’ll never forget it.

Other than being able to get to the front of  the crowds to see my favorite bands, being a part of a mosh pit, crowd surfing or even meeting band members, what I’ll always keep with me are the kind words these band members preach out to the crowds.

They’re famous, they do it for publicity and tell everyone the same.

No, they don’t. And yes, they probably do. But that’s not the point. These bands mean it.

Every word they say comes from their heart. They know what it’s like to hurt, feel alone, not knowing their reason in life. Not because they’re “emo people who cut themselves,” but because unlike typical celebrities that tons of people go crazy over, these bands, who are also considered celebrities, are still human.

They’re not in it for fame and attention, money and luxuries. They’re in it to make a difference.

They found their purpose– making music for those who are still searching for their own.

Courtesy of Alexus Plascenica