‘Riverdale’ manages to stay successful as a series

A small town with many deep secrets, “Riverdale” has finished up with its sophomore season. Although it may have not lived up to its first season, the second one did impress with key moments that changed the series forever. It was able to introduce new characters and story lines that helped improve the series overall.

Picking up from the season one cliffhanger, Riverdale and its citizens were faced with the murderous Black Hood. Shooting Fred Andrews, father of Archie Andrews, was only the start of his rampage.

To put an end to the Black Hood, this resulted in the usual investigation by the core four: Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, and Archie. The majority of the season was dedicated to figuring who was the Black Hood and serving justice.

Unlike the first season, the second had too many side story lines that took away a little bit too much attention away from the main one. This resulted in episodes that couldn’t give enough screen time to certain side story lines, or even the main one creating an unbalanced episode.

It would be one thing if the side story lines had some sort of connection to the main story line, but in the end they really had none.

The Serpents, the gang group within Riverdale, were able to benefit from this season, as they seen a lot more development. New characters from their gang were introduced during the season, sometimes gaining more screen time than the characters introduced in the first season. One of the core four had even joined the Serpents, which was one of the side story lines.

Overall, this season was a wild one. There were many side storylines that caught a least a hint of people’s attention. The main storyline could have been executed better, but it still was at least satisfactory.

Season three has many hopes and the potential to be better, as the finale does works at building up to the next season.