Love, Death & Robots

So I’m sitting there just searching for something to watch. ¨What did you come across,” you might ask. Well, I’m glad you asked because I think I struck gold with this one.

Imagine Black Mirror minus about more than half the minutes of run time. Now add some adult content, eccentric animation, and unique story lines and this is what you get. Love Death Robots.

I think it is time to celebrate! Science-fiction along with fantasy fans have finally hit the jackpot with the release of Love Death Robots. I know it might seem weird, basically being blown away by an animated series on Netflix. But it gets less weird when you watch this series and see how much of a masterpiece it is.

As a person who isn’t really into animated shows not only did I think I wasn’t going to like it but I thought it would be so bad that I would just feel obligated to write a bad review on it. However, I actually enjoyed this collection of animated short stories. It wasn’t simply because it is ¨different” like I once explained to one of my close friends. I enjoyed it rather because the show didn’t revolve around one specific topic or direction.

Each episode is different. The topics ranged anywhere from horror, science fiction, and even comedy. On top of the range of subjects there’s also some things that make the show one of a kind. Graphic violence, Unabashed Nudity, Mature Content, and Supernatural worlds are some of my favorite things Love Death Robots has to offer to make it that much better.

It’s not something that can be easily explained. It’s just something you have to watch and trust me it won’t be hard because it never gets tiresome or boring.

So set a time to sit back and enjoy a wild philosophical ride by exploring the best three themes a should could have: love, death, and robots.