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REVIEW: Jujitsu Kaisen – What is it? And what to expect for the new season

Quick explanation of some of season 1
(c) Gege Akutami / Studio MAPPA

EDIT 10/24/23 for spelling, grammar, and content.

Quick explanation of some of season 1

Jujitsu Kaisen (or JJK) is a new generation Shonen anime that came out on Oct. 3, 2020. As of this year, it’s considered the most popular anime. The story begins with the main character, Yuji being in a school occult club, went out with his friends to explore his high school late at night. He stumbles upon a cursed object – Sukuna’s finger. 

Yuji ends up consuming the finger after facing a life or death situation, but did not know it would get him possessed by a cursed spirit named Sukuna (Which I think this was a perfect introduction to the world of jujitsu for Yuji.)

Later we find out that Yuji Itadori was born and made to be Sukuna’s vessel. He would also later on meet Satoru Gojo his teacher, Megumi Fushigoro, and Nobara Kugisaki. His main goal is to make sure people have the chance to die a good death. Because of that he tries to save as many people as he can from curses.

The fights in this season were really good (personally some of my favorites.) having insanely enjoyable and funny jumps.

Season 2

So here’s a quick explanation of JJK season two that came out this year in July. Season two starts with the “Hidden Inventory” arc, which is more on Gojo’s backstory but it also gets into depth on his best friend, Suguru Geto who’s important later on. The story features on Gojo, Geto, Riko Amanai, And Toji Fushigoro, and the whole arc revolves around Gojo and Geto trying to escort Riko safely to another Sorcerer Tengen.

But as they do that, they run into problems because Riko is a star plasma vessel so many people have an assassination contract on her. As their journey nears it’s end Toji shows up and causes problems for everyone dealing with Gojo and Geto. This happens while completing his contract. Soon after Gojo finds Toji to finish the fight that they started (this fight single handedly changed the Jujitusu Kaisen world by making a huge power gap, and was really enjoyable).

Gojo almost fell into insanity while Geto was traumatized by the whole incident, and this is where Geto’s downfall happens where he is going with the plan of killing non Jujitsu sorcerer which is basically most of humanity or for simpler terms just regular people.

That wraps up the “Hidden Inventory” arc and the next arc for season two is the current ongoing “Shibuya Incident” arc which I can’t get into without spoiling much but what I can say this may be the second best arc to what we had in season one. It’s definitely exciting and has many people waiting for the next episode to see what happens next. 

You can definitely expect some epic fights like Yuji and Nanami vs Mahito. There will be some characters who get jumped and it’s absolutely funny just like the Yuji vs Mahito fight where Mahito had to run away. You can also expect some really good one on one fights, and the power gaps will be insane.

Check out Jujitsu Kaisen, they come out with new episodes every Thursday.

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