Immerse yourself into Ready Player One


A futuristic world that has developed advanced technology so that people no longer live in the real world.

In “Ready Player One” people are no longer fascinated with the compelling features of real life. In the blockbuster film, people spend most of their time in a virtual reality universe called the Oasis.

The main character Wade Watts, a young man that lives in a life of poverty. Travels into the Oasis to escape the real world and finds adventures throughout the game.

The plot of the film is unique and different from most sci-fi movies, because of the references from movies, books, games, and songs. Having a cohesive story that uses these platforms, adds background to the characters.

Such as the scene where Watts goes into a remake of the Shining, for his adventure. The level of detail that is displayed by the real world history to the game, makes the iconic scenes of the “Shining”  an aspect that most sci-fi movies don’t use often.

The flim gives viewers a nostalgic feeling towards each scenes because they are able to pick up on pop culture references. However the movie stresses life lessons, that aren’t really needed. At the end of the movie the new owners of the Oasis decide to close down the game down so that players can live in the real world.

Any audience member can see how spending time in a game, can ruin the authenticity of real life. The cliche lesson of going out to play is caught on and didn’t need to be amplified with the excessive amount of dialogue.

“Ready Player One” is roughly two hours, yet the audience members crave for more screenplay. At times the story progression seemed rushed and oddly unrealistic, the movie had these back and forth jump cuts from the real world to the virtual one. It created a redudnet narrative that made the movie too long, and made the plot too rushed.

“Ready Player One” needed to focus on the other characters of the film as well. The movie had interesting characters, with their real world personas and their online avatars. These characters story arc were cut because of the limited time. This created a problem, and with the unnecessary life lesson aspect, the directors and writers missed a chance to create a movie that could keep the attention of the audience members.

The mix of detailed and subtle references built a lovable movie that highlights the joys of sci-fi movies. Overall even with the rushed storyline, “Ready Player One” turned out to be an incredible film.