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Resident Evil 2 Haunts

Resident Evil 2 Haunts

February 28, 2019

The “Resident Evil 2” remake has resurrected the older 1998 version back from the grave. In the gam...

Video game club launches existence with tournament

January 16, 2019

Getting a new club off the ground can be difficult, but the Video Game Club makes it look easy. Often ...

Immerse yourself into Ready Player One

Immerse yourself into Ready Player One

Aidan Danforth and Kevin Gutierrez

April 29, 2018

Filed under Entertainment, Movies

A futuristic world that has developed advanced technology so that people no longer live in the real worl...

ROBERT UVALLES: Gaming sparks a new dream

March 12, 2018

Senior Robert Uvalles, started YouTube in 2011. He dreamed of joining a high ranked clan in “Call of...

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