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‘Blair Witch’ is horrifyingly uninteresting and unwatchable

Had enough of the Blair Witch the first time around? Guess she back again to frighten all who watch.

“Blair Witch” is the long awaited sequel of “The Blair Witch Project” that came out almost 20 years ago. This time, it revolves around James Donahue (James Allen McCune), the younger brother of Heather who was the main character in the first movie. Heather was investigating the legend of the Blair Witch 17 years ago in the Black Hills Forest near Burkittsville when she mysteriously went missing and was never seen again. After seeing a video with his sister’s image in it, James, along with three friends and two of the locals go on a journey deep in the woods in hopes of finding her.

The movie started off slow, giving us more background of who the characters were and the actions they take in order to prepare for their investigation in the forest. One would expect that if you have to spend 30 minutes watching the same four characters interact with one another, you’d create some kind of emotional bond towards them. However, after sitting and suffering through the long, painful experience, I was ready to see most of them suffer like I did waiting for any action.

The characters were all plainly simple and had not much more depth than a kiddie pool. The movie tells you almost nothing about their pasts and from what I saw on screen, they were your stereotypical “let’s make bad choices” college students. While I did care for James due to losing his sister, the recklessness he showed by wanting to head straight into a forest known for its creepy urban legends deterred any sympathy I might of had. If he really paid attention to the video that showed his sister running up the stairs in a hurried panic away from whatever’s chasing her, he should have done the smarter thing and let officials find out what’s going on.

Despite its initial problems in the beginning, it did fulfill it’s horror promises in the end. Once everything hits the fan halfway into the movie, it doesn’t stop. You’re met with one creepy occurrence after another that strays away from the typical horror movie jump scares. I could have accepted it as a pretty good movie if I had been able to stomach it through the very end.

The movie was shot as a first-person point of view where we would be watching through the lens of the characters’ cameras. It was fine until the horror part of the movie kicked in and the movie screen started to shake violently in sync with the characters’ actions. The awkward camera angles jerking around constantly and the loud, buzzing sound of the static left me at a point where I had to keep my eyes closed for long periods in order to avoid getting so sick I would have to leave. In the end, I did have to exit the theater for a few minutes to ease my head and stomach before going back inside and watching the last part.

Overall, the movie does succeed in immersing the viewer of the horrors of the Blair Witch possibly too well. If you’re not in it for the horror but want to have an equally nauseating experience for free, try spinning in a dark room for an hour and 29 minutes because that’s exactly how I felt once it was all over.


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‘Blair Witch’ is horrifyingly uninteresting and unwatchable