America needs more than just talent

America’s got talent is certainly one of the most well known talent shows that offer people the chance to make a name for themselves.

From just a quick glance, this show seems as if talent is really all one would need to win the entire competition. However, like always, there’s more to it than just talent.

With season 13 just recently ending, winner Shin Lim certainly had the magic skills to prove him worthy. What most people overlook, however, is he had that stage persona that was able to pull the people in. His persona was very likeable, and actually intriguing.

If that part of him wasn’t there, he certainly wouldn’t have won. It was that big part of him that got the people to vote for him. In fact, I’d say that more than half of the finalists had some sort of persona that the audience liked. Unfortunately, not all contestants were able to do what Lim done.

Singer Glennis Grace certainly had the talent, perhaps more than even Lim, but not that stage presence that left a mark on the audience. Grace’s lack of making her more than just another singer ultimately cost her a winning chance.

Do I think an interesting persona should be needed to win these types of shows? No, but it certainly does help. Talent should obviously be the number one factor. However, these types of personas are what is going to make them successful in the music industry or whichever industry they decide to go into.

What shouldn’t be a factor in the voting process is the sob stories constantly thrown around. Yes, I understand that it may take a lot for one to make it where they are, but that shouldn’t be the base of their act.

For example, singer Courtney Hadwin presented to the audience as a teenager who was shy, but then went on to sing song choices that were extremely out of her comfort zone. If just told to us once or twice during her background story that she was shy, that would’ve been fine.

But no, they went on to mention that at least every time she performed. What made it even worse was she had already been a contestant The Voice Kids U.K., sparking more controversy among viewers.

In the end, it’s really up to the viewers to decide who they want to win. Even if a contestant were the most talented person in the world but they had no stage persona, the viewers would most likely end up picking someone who does. The people want to see more than just what the contestants are expected to do.