’13 Reasons Why’ found guilty of disappointing fans

The encore of a very successful first season of “13 Reasons Why” has disappointed fans nationwide, failing to continue the hype. The second season leaned more towards a negative outcome.

Picking up five months after the ending of the first season, the trial of Hannah Baker is dealt with throughout the entirety of the season. This trial, being a quite interesting one, pitted the Baker parents against the school for doing nothing to prevent their daughter’s death.

Every episode had focused on one person put on the witness stand, telling their side of the story and how they viewed Hannah. This allowed for the season to include her in flashbacks creatively, not seeming too forced.

What did feel forced was the sudden regular appearance of Hannah’s “ghost” to Clay Jensen. Yes, the two did have some sort of chemistry in the first season. However, after Clay moving on and new information regarding Hannah and Zach’s relationship popping up in court, it seemed as if Clay and Hannah weren’t exactly made for each other.

Unnecessary scenes were also disliked by fans, specifically the last episode’s disturbing scene. Some thought it was way of promoting the violence, while others simply didn’t want to watch it. Rape was also seemingly promoted by the season’s finale. After a testify against him, a rapist was still able to get away with the crime, promoting the idea that speaking out won’t change a thing.

Overall, the season could’ve made way better decisions. It had a lot of potential, but simply couldn’t deliver as good as it should have. Now, fans will have to wait for a less appealing third season, which has far less potential considering the position the finale left itself in.