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Legal pot is a mistake

February 2, 2018

Weed, pot, cannabis, herb, whatever you call it, marijuana is pretty well known. While it used to be...


February 2, 2018

When walking through the hallways of our campus, it is common to see students listening to hip-hop or...

JOSEPH MALLETT: Being moved to first violin requires more practice

January 29, 2018

Freshman Joseph Mallett was moved from second violin to first violin. Mallett started playing when he...

ALEX I’AULUALO: Continuous conditioning

January 22, 2018

Junior Alex I'Aulualo, after being motivated by his body builder brothers, joined weight training to...

New Years unites culture

January 9, 2018

For those who celebrate Hmong New Year it means more than just a new diet. As the harvest season comes...

ATHINA BASILIO: Student shows her frustration with dysfunctional theater

December 11, 2017

Athina Basilio, a freshman, opens up about her opinion on the theater condition. She is against the small...

JOSIAH BLEVINS: The art of his music

November 27, 2017

Senior Josiah Blevins started writing rap lyrics when he was in fifth grade and started releasing music...

JOSEPH LOGAN: Talented in band

November 13, 2017

Freshman Joseph Logan not only plays different saxophones, but he can also play the piano. He talks about...

JAKE MARCELINO: Skilled kendama playing

November 6, 2017

Junior Jake Marcelino talks about his skilled playing of the kendama. The kendama is a Japanese toy....

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