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Trips are worth saving money

April 13, 2018

A trip to France, Spain or Hawaii can be someone’s dream. However, the reality of raising the money...

Writers learn to express emotions with poetry

April 13, 2018

Many poets write for the sake of expressing their strong feelings in a positive way. But for Tyler Romuar,...

MESA’s work pays off

April 13, 2018

From building prosthetic arms to Rube Goldberg type machines, students in the MESA program work on projects...

PAUL MARTINEZ: YouTube streamer

April 3, 2018

Senior Paul Martinez created his YouTube channel a couple years ago. Often posting videos about fortnight,...

ANGEL ORTEGA: First year improvements

March 22, 2018

Junior Angel Ortega, during her first year of swim, has tested her athletic ability. Although cheer kept...

ROBERT UVALLES: Gaming sparks a new dream

March 12, 2018

Senior Robert Uvalles, started YouTube in 2011. He dreamed of joining a high ranked clan in “Call of...

STEVEN ANDRADE: K-pop is an outlet for self expression

March 5, 2018

Junior Steven Andrade has been dancing for two years. He says that stretching before and after dancing...


March 2, 2018

From collecting to trading to selling, senior Michael Herrera does it all when it comes to shoes. Owning...

Partners should be chosen for qualities

March 2, 2018

Walking through the halls and eavesdropping on typical high school conversations, I have heard students...

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