Trips are worth saving money


photo courtesy of Lizeth Barajas

Senior Lizeth Barajas saved over $3000 to pay for the 2017 France trip. She fundraised and used most of her birthday and Christmas money to make numerous payments. “It was totally worth it.”

A trip to France, Spain or Hawaii can be someone’s dream. However, the reality of raising the money may become a nightmare.

The trips, which are all planned for 2019, all cost around $3,000 and include plane ticket, hotel, touring, food, and activities. Even at a school where many of the students are lower middle class, it isn’t impossible to raise the money.

“When people see the amount they think ‘wow that’s a big ticket,’ but they have to consider what it’s all paying for,” Andrew Walter, Math Department chair who is coordinating the Hawaii trip, said.
The Spain trip is a “Mediterranean journey” where students will not only go to Spain but Italy as well. Raquel Prado, Spanish teacher who is coordinating this trip, said, “You see all this ancient history on one side, then you look the other way and see the modern city. It’s like being between two worlds. It’s wonderful.”

Students who go to Hawaii will spend five days going to two islands: Oahu and the Big Island. Going on this trip provides the opportunity to earn college credit to UC San Diego. The credit is transferable and, Walter said, “Not only will we be engaging in fun activities and learning things about science, but it’s a cultural experience.”

A cultural experience was exactly what France last year was for senior Lizeth Barajas. She said, “We got to hear people speak French right in front of us and we got to eat their food and learn about it.” The students got to try traditional cuisine like flammkuchen, escargot, and streaks and french fries. Other than the food, Barajas was astonished with that fact that she was really on French soil. “You can read about the history of other countries, but when you’re actually there it’s an amazing feeling.”
Being able to go on these types of trips is “more than worth it,” according to sophomore Destiny Allen. She already started paying for the France trip. “At first I did think it was a lot of money, but then I thought that it’s a unique opportunity. I talked to all of my family members and they were nice enough to help me pay for it.”

If you’re interested in going on these trips go to: C5 – France, A1- Spain, K3 – Hawaii.