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CLARISSA MARQUEZ: Avid notes are now enforced

September 26, 2016

Freshman Clarissa Marquez describes the transition between Cornell notes done in her elementary school...

JACOB LLOYD: Coastal cleanup promotes community involvement

September 19, 2016

Jacob Lloyd, sophomore, volunteers at the Costal Clean-Up on September 17. He picked up trash on the...

HELEN AlCAUTER: Writing opens up more than just thoughts

September 12, 2016

Junior, Helen Alcauter uses the new Literary and Magazine class to open up her thoughts and express herself...

GEORGE WIGFALL: Transition from elementary band to high school band

August 29, 2016

Freshman George Wigfall describes what the transition from playing the electric bass at Commodore's band...

NATALIE O’NEAL: Getting the Team Ready

August 23, 2016

Cheerleader Natalie O'Neal describes how she prepares herself before a football. Not only does she need...

JOSHUA HUGHES: Pursuit of Choir Beyond High School

August 15, 2016

Senior Joshua Hughes has committed all four years of high school to choir. One of his most memorable...

JUSTIN HA: Rocket building in chemistry

May 16, 2016

Senior Justin Ha is one of the AP chemistry students to use several compounds to build a rocket. This...

RICHARD VALLES: Mothers Day Experience

May 9, 2016

Freshman Richard Valles describes his acts of gratitude for his mother.

BRISEYDA MORALES: Teacher appreciation week

May 3, 2016

Junior Briseyda Morales talks about what she likes about her art teacher Mr. Vang in honor of Teacher...

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