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ALONDRA RUBALCABA: Spring break enjoyed at Six Flags

March 29

Rubalcaba enjoyed her spring break at six flags with her family riding some of the amusement parks thrilling...

MATIAS SAUCEDO: Grandpa inspires passion for guitar

March 13

Sophomore Matias Saucedo talks about the influence his grandfather gave him in playing the guitar.

MIA JACKSON: Confident for Choir Concert

March 6

Mia Jackson, a freshman is no stranger to singing and has done it long before high school. However, the...

ANDREA SALAZAR: Swimming with Dolphins

February 20

Junior Andrea Salazar shares her interest that she has with animals. Spending her birthday at Six Flags...

JESUS ESPINOZA: Senior describes responsibilities of being cabin leader

February 14

Senior Jesus Espinoza discusses what it was to be a cabin leader  and what qualities he obtained from...

BRIANNA RODRIGUEZ: Middle school violinist opens up circle

February 6

Sophomore Brianna Rodriguez talks about how being apart of San Joaquin County Honor Orchestra helped...

JOEL WHITE-APARICIO: Loses fingers to weights

January 23

Freshman Joan White-Aparicio, while at football practice, had part of his finger fall off while lifting...

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