Whats in your teacher’s closet?

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  • Science teacher Darrien Guertin has an array of student drawings to chemicals in his backroom.

  • Unlike the chemistry department, Guertin contains more chemicals for preservation of the many specimen.

  • Guertin's model skeleton is placed in his backroom. The skull displayed

  • Guertin leaves a couple of microscopic samples on his backroom counter.

  • Science Depatment head William Lorentz shares a backroom with science teacher Thomas Gilbert.

  • Lorentz and Gilbert organize their chemicals by shelves and rows to help them prepare for upcoming labs.

  • Lorentz and Gilbert have a corner in their room dedicated to distilled water. This water is important for their many labs

  • Art teacher Chuzin Vang displays his artisitc ability in his backroom.

  • Vang continues to study and read the many art books he collects.

  • An assortment of paint is left in the middle of Vang's back room. They are often leftover paints used by his previous class.

  • Vang contains this baseball as a memento to the previous years he has taught at Stagg.

  • French teacher Deborah Berg has a lovely kitchen set in her backroom.

  • Berg closets are contained with an assortment of spices and culturry used in her dishes.

  • The many books in the backroom is used in for her teachings. French class is taught how to make french desserts like crepes.

  • Berg has an unusual stuffed animal in her backroom.

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