Melvin Flax wins Student Stare Off

Senior Melvin Flax glares senior Benlly Perez out of the competition.

Jessica Mangili

Students grabbed their lunches and headed towards the quad for the second annual Student Stare Off. The event kicked off as senior Benlly Perez took on Senior Melvin Flax. A slight eye lid twitch caused Perez to lose. Next sophomores Charmaigne Gresham and Jasmine Pharms went head to head. Both tried to get their opponent to blink by making them laugh. Pharms moved on to the next round when Gresham could no longer keep a straight face. The competition continued to be eliminated until only junior Breanna Joyner and Flax were left. Flax stayed cool under the pressure and came out with the win and a $10 Starbucks gift card. The winner of tomorrow’s Teacher Stare off will taken on Flax to determine who will be the ultimate champion.

Entrance fee to the Stare Off is two cans or two dollars. All cans and money will be donated to the local Food Bank at the end of the week. Student’s who attend also have a chance to win a prize by creating the winning bracket and predicting the winner.

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