Meet your homecoming nominees

Though many people know the names, not many know the nominees behind them. Here you can get to know the nominees and what has shaped their high school experience.



Autumn Saldana


Going into high school, Autumn Saldana thought that she would be trashed every Friday. However, now she knows that the experience is nothing like she expected it, and that she would come to be in many rigorous courses and sorts teams.

“I participated in soccer and I’ve done choir for three years,” she said. “I’m also doing cheer this year.”

Aside from sports and extracurricular activities, this nominee has pushed herself to take classes that will count later on in life.

“I’ve always challenged myself. I started off with one honors class freshman year and it has progressed into A.P. classes.”


Fe Valencia


Nominee Fe Valencia is constantly busy with school work, club activities, and now, campaigning for homecoming queen.

“I took a lot of A.P. and honors classes,” she said. “I think that they challenge you. People usually think that honors classes are hard but you just have to think outside of the box and push yourself and you can do it.”

Even with stacks of homework each night, this nominee has involved herself with many clubs.

“Sophomore year I was historian of the Spanish Club, in the Chinese Club, Hmong Club, and Mesa Club,” she said. “Junior year I was historian of the of the MESA club, in Key Club, Interact Club and other clubs.”

Aside from clubs, she also joined the journalism program, which influenced her high school career and pushed her to improve her writing and notice her self-value.

“I became graphics editor,” she said. “At first, I didn’t believe in myself. Now, I am co-editor in chief and it makes me feel good about myself. Makes me feel important.”


Jessica Mangili 



Jessica Mangili, who was in Students in Prevention and Conflict Mediation, always takes time out of her day to help others, and make them feel comfortable at school.

“I smile and say hi to everyone because the little things make a difference,” she said. “Everyone is going through something in their own lives, and even if I am having a bad day, I make the time to make others have a great one.

Aside from being involved in SIP and Conflict mediation, she is a part of the journalism program, which helped her come out of her shell.

“Freshman year, I felt like I didn’t belong,” she said. “Being in the class, and having Mr. Bott as an advisor made me feel like I was a part of something great.”


 Teresa Zacarias



Upon starting soccer her freshman year, Teresa Zacarias had not realized that the sport would be such an influence in her life.

“It’s a team that you have to be committed to,” she said. “I learned that the decisions I make don’t just affect me, they affect the whole team.”

This nominee also learned her junior year to take on more clubs to get more involved in her community.

“Junior year I started to join clubs like Spanish club and National Honors Society,” she said. “I learned that there’s more than just my little bubble. There’s a whole community out there.”


Kalani Moreno


Kalani Moreno’s first year of high school was “rocky.” However, when she joined leadership her sophomore year, she realized that she could be an important member of the student body.

She joined dance and cheer, and has found it to be helpful.

“Dance and cheer gave me an escape from things that I didn’t want to happen,” she said.

She also gives credit to some teachers for lifting her up when she was feeling the pressure of high school.

“Mrs. Spector and Canfield have pushed me to do my best,” she said. “They have always been a positive emotional support for me.”

This nominee is running with TJ Blair, and hopes that they will both make it as homecoming king and queen.



Ryan McLaughlin


Ryan McLaughlin has kept himself busy during his high school years by taking A.P. classes, joining clubs, playing sports and doing many community service hours.

“Since freshman year, I’ve tried to push myself,” he said. “I’ve taken as many honors and A.P. classes as I could.”

He has played golf, cross country, and now, water polo.

However, one of his biggest accomplishments is the 160 hours of community service that he spent with the Stagg Sports Booster Club.

“I volunteer with the booster club working at the snack bar,” he said. “And it has been a great experience.”


Brian Walker


Brian Walker, aside from being a football player for four years, has tried to focus on doing well in school, and has rooted himself in the journalism program.

“I used to be the sports editor of The Stagg Line,” he said. “Now I am the social media editor for an award winning newspaper, and it feels great.”

This nominee looks at his accomplishments as the deciding point in his journey to college.

“Over my high school years, my accomplishments have put me in the position that I can be someone,” he said. “I can be successful.”


TJ Blair


TJ Blair in his last year of high school realized that he could be a huge impact on campus, and joined leadership, Conflict Mediation and the PLUS program.

“I never realized that I would be doing so much this year,” he said. “The programs are teaching me what our school is going through and what the students struggle with.”

The nominee hopes to win homecoming king because it is “a title that you are going to have for the entire year.”


Anthony Nevarez


Anthony Nevarez didn’t think he would make it as homecoming nominee when he applied, and was surprised when he was chosen.

“I wouldn’t say that I’m exactly fit to be homecoming king,” he said. “I didn’t think I would even make it this far, but now that I’m here I might as well give it my all.”

This nominee found his calling by joining MESA.

“I’ve been in MESA all four years,” he said. “And I’ve collected four MESA medals.”

As well as MESA, Nevarez put his time into joining other clubs, such as Key Club to be more involved in his community.


Jonathan Phan


Jonathan Phan looks back on his high school years and one word comes to mind: fun.

“All four years have been really fun,” he said. “Everyone has ups and downs. I’ve pretty much had ups.”

Though this nominee’s high school experience has been fun, he has also pushed himself to join clubs and programs that will affect his college decision in a positive way.

“One of my highlights has been being in MESA,” he said.

Because of certain classes and teachers, he knows that he wants to be a marine biologist when he is older.