Homecoming gallery

As the day was unwinding, anticipation for the homecoming candidates was winding up. Much of Friday consisted of fun and games at the homecoming carnival. The homecoming rally and the success of the neon lights themed dance from the night before, only contributed to the high level of excitement. It all lead up to Friday and turned out to be an eventful week for students.

    With a slight breeze and all homecoming candidates dressed to impress, it really was a bustling night at the game. Momentum was built in the stands while watching the 67-0 football game against Fairfield.

    Halftime came around and the candidates strolled to the football field with their escorts in arm. As they were introduced tensions rose while biographies were read and the time had come to announce king and queen. A drum roll was played by the band and homecoming king of 2013 was announced, which was TJ Blair. “[It was an] indescribable feeling, I was so happy, I never thought that would happen to me of all people.”

 Another drum roll was played and Fe Valencia was announced to be 2013 homecoming queen. “I didn’t even know my name was Fe, it was all adrenaline.”