Don’t let the frost bite

Marleene Pheav

For Stocktonians, snow isn’t a typical thing. Icy windows, frozen roads, and slippery pathways are just another distraction to our everyday lives.  But is this simple weather getting colder than expected?

Marlene Espinoza, a sophomore, realizes that the sidewalks are more difficult to simply walk on. “When I was in my car at a red light, I saw this girl slip on the sidewalk,” she said.

Espinoza said it was hard to contain her laughter, witnessing it from inside of her car. “Another girl walked over to her, asking her if she was okay,” she said. “When she was walking back to her friend, she slipped too!”

As humorous as it is, the chilly grounds could be dangerous. When I was walking toward my car after school, I didn’t realize that the parking lot was icy all over. I thought I had stepped on a banana peel when I lost my balance. My mother had to drive slowly due to the black ice.

Speaking about being cautious, I highly suggest checking the weather before heading out into the cold. My hands are always freezing, but I forget to get some gloves all the time. Just make sure to bundle up, because warm weather won’t be near anytime soon.