Delta Kings reign over the Rams

The Delta Kings celebrate their win against the St. Mary’s Rams.

The Delta Kings defeated the St. Mary’s Rams, 40-32, Friday, Nov. 1 ending the Rams’ 7 year undefeated streak in league.

The game went back and forth and with every play, both crowds were clenching fists, grinding teeth, and shouting chants.

Stagg’s crowd rose to their feet and roared with pride as Daniel Ruffin intercepted the ball in the last 15 seconds on the 1 yard line to prevent a possible Rams touchdown. With a 2- point conversion, the game would’ve gone into overtime.

Ruffin ran the ball to the 11 yard line where quarterback Wayne Brooks took a knee to win the game with 10 seconds left on the clock.

The crowd, players, and coaches rushed the St. Mary’s field shouting, some in tears, “Stagg State! You know!”