“22 Jump Street,” that kind of movie


As I sat hunched over my knees, my stomach tight, my cheeks cramping, tears rolling down my face, I could barely catch my breath. I wasn’t alone in my laughter. Every seat in the room was filled with more than satisfied viewers. Just as I began to lean back to relieve my body of this welcomed pain, I felt my ticket slide from my pocket. There was no use in picking it up.

“22 Jump Street” picks up with a recap of “21 Jump Street” as if an episode– perfectly crafting the irony of being a remake of the show starring Johnny Depp. That’s what makes this series a comedy classic. Throughout the entire movie, they remind us how absurd it is for two 30 year old men to play college let alone high school students. The students constantly notice their wrinkled under eyes and large stature. This blatant gag deserves praise and in no way gets in the way of appreciating the movie. This ironic craft is what makes the movie memorable and different.

The case, of course is “exactly the same thing,” and so a simple mind would believe that the movie being a spitting image of “21 Jump Street” is a bad thing. It takes a keen mind to recognize that everyone who is a part of this movie is being hilariously facetious. This is not your typical sequel. It, for one, succeeds in relating to its preceding comedy masterpiece and is that in itself. It doesn’t try hard to be different but flows naturally being the same. There’s no phony feel unlike the typical sequel. There is a twist in the their new task although Schmidt and Jenko are still assigned to “infiltrate the dealer, and find the supplier.”

Not only is the movie funny for its irony, but Jonah Hill (Schmidt) and Channing Tatum (Jenko) deliver gut busting lines in almost every scene. My personal favorite is the slam poetry scene in which we clearly see the epitome of modern comedy. It’s raunchy, playful, and out there.

These two are perfect together and of course decide it’s best to “investigate other people” at one point, but find that they are partners for life.

I don’t need a ticket stub for keepsakes. “22 Jump Street” is that kind of movie. If you don’t pick up on what I’m saying while watching the movie, stay tuned for the end credits. I look forward to seeing “48 Jump Street.”