The Rush

Club Rush provides excitement and much more.

The Rush


The aromas of popcorn and Chinese food fled from booths as students filed in line in pursuit of food and new experiences today at lunch as the annual Club Rush sped on.

Freshman Imani Selmon was slightly overwhelmed with the amount of people in one small place.

Freshman Fidel Alvarez shared the same view.

“I was shocked,” Alvarez said. “There were so many people all over the place.”

Overall, Selmon enjoyed his first Club Rush experience.

“Everybody was just having a good time.”

From the live band, Halocene, to the frozen drinks, to the plates of food, the main focus of the day was joining a club while having a good time.

Junior Melissa Balisacan sums up the day.

“This year was different,” she said, “which is cool. This is a great way for clubs to put themselves out there and earn money for funding.”