Students attempting Fame and Money through SoundCloud

It’s no surprise that students have taken to using SoundCloud as a creative outlet. The main appeal of the music publishing platform, is that it’s accessible to both beginning and experienced music artists. The simplicity and accessibility allows students like Zacharaih Jauregui  also known as “zayyoffthewall” to make the music he’s passionate about. He has 83 followers, and 6 tracks, one of which has 400 plays.

 Positivity is a major theme in his music, especially during all the travesty and negativity swarming our world. Jauregui wishes to see change in how people act towards each other in the industry. He wishes to see other artists treat each other with kindness and positivity, instead of starting beef and spreading negativity. “My goal is to make a lot of people happy, and spread positivity,” Jauregui said.  He hopes to transfer this positivity into the music industry itself. “I’d rather see us coming together than starting beef with each other.”

What makes Jauregui’s music unique, is how he blends modern music styles with styles from the 90’s. 

Jauregui hopes to make a career out of his music, and spends most of his free time honing his craft. And when he is not composing, he is drawing inspiration from his favorite artists. “I’ll lay in bed, just listening and it’ll hit me,” he said.  He draws inspiration from rappers like XXXTentacion , Lil Peep, and Kid Cudi. “my parents were Rap music fans,” he said.  “it just rubbed off on me.” 

 A concept that is extremely important to Jauregui is the legacy his music leaves. Like any musician, Jauregui hopes that his listeners remember the way his music made them feel. He says “ When people listen to my music, I want them to remember how turnt it was.” The proof of his effort is in his music. Jauregui is constantly finding ways to improve his music, and putting his all into each song.

Jauregui however, only writes lyrics, his beats come from other sources. “ I don’t make beats because I don’t have a program that would allow me to do that.” After a week he’ll revisit and revise his composition and release it if he approves it.