No Shave November comes to an end

The “Movember” contest is over, and here are the before and after pictures of the teachers that made it to the end and earned their titles. $607 was raised by this event and will benefit the American Cancer Society.

Here are the winners:

Jimmy Pettis
Most Likely to Add Beards to His Menu

Kevin Oki
Most Likely to Feature a College Pennant Instead of a Beard

Jim Griffin
Most Likely to Be Able to Fix Anything on the Planet

Roger Esparza
Most Likely to Have Oatmeal in His Beard

Martin Bagnasco
Most Likely to Wear Sooner Gear Thank Grow a Beard

Robert Aldrich
Most Likely to Smile at All the Funny Beards

Stewart Jacoby
Most Likely to Make a Scholarly Decision Not to Grow a Beard

Robert Torres
Most Likely to Keep his Beard in M-1

Andrew Walter
Most Likely to use a Formula to Determine His Beard Length

Don Norton
Most Likely to Have Chuck Norris as His Biggest Fan

Tony Angelo
Most Likely to Have ‘Bat-Stache’ Instead of a Moustache

Frank  Shaw
Most Likely to Have Biology Stuff in His Beard

Mark Swope
Most Likely to Be Clean-Shaven, But Full of Support

David Langer
Most Likely to Drive to Gold River to Get His Beard Trimmed

Tony Espinoza
Most Likely to Have the Best Beard in T-Cal

Sam Pope
Most Likely to be Profiled by Stockton PD

Alvaro Ruiz
Most Likely to Have a Commanding Beard

Bill Lorentz
Most likely to Earn a Merit Badge for Growing a Beard

Kevin Romero
Most Likely to Welcome an Excuse to Grow Out His Beard

Don Bott
Most Likely to Be Featured in The Stagg line Because of His Beard

Marcus Sherman
Most likely to Be Gored By a Bull Because of His Beard

John Stevenson
Most likely to Be Forgotten He Grew a Beard for a Cause

Chan Sam
Most likely to Meet A-Gs for Growing a Beard

Andre Phillips
Most likely to Win a Gold Medal for His Beard

Gamal Salama
Most Likely to Cause Jeaolousy Among Pharaohs with His Beard

John ‘Juan UNO’ Steiner
Most Likely to be Featured in an Ad for Just For Men

Homar Juarez
Most Likely to Understand the World Cup