Kids should be disciplined

We’ve all seen them — kids kicking and screaming in a store, usually throwing a tantrum over something they wanted but didn’t get. Parents usually try to contain their children, but usually to no avail. Children nowadays act like wild animals because of how parents are raising them too softly.

When I was a kid I wouldn’t even think to raise my voice at my parents, let alone throw punches at them or curse at them. My parents weren’t exactly strict, but they did let me know that if I were to act badly there would be repercussions in return.

Somewhere down the road as my parents had two more kids, instilling good behavior through what one might interpret as light threats just didn’t work anymore. My parents were too lax when raising my younger brother and sister, and because of that they are what most would label “spoiled brats.”

Until a few months ago, I thought my siblings were the few who were like this. But after opening my eyes and coming across tons of parenting articles and magazines, don’t ask why, I realized that it’s not only my siblings acting this way.

Many of the parents that were in the magazines talk about how their children act like this because they’re too soft. They got one too many things go and all of a sudden their kid is bad. But why do they let these things slip by in the first place?

People are too soft on their kid, and it’s because they’re scared of what others might think. At least, that’s the case for my parents. My parents don’t want to discipline my siblings because they think that people might view them badly.

People should be encouraged to discipline their kids. I’m not talking about beating your kid FYI, I’m just saying putting your kid in the corner or taking their stuff away might do them some good.