K-Dance Club Stunt Their Way To Winter Rally


The Stagg K-Dance Club group showed off their glimmering moves at the 2023 Winter Rally on Feb. 2nd.

The Winter Rally is an annual school event held during the winter months that consists of games and prizes giveaways for participants. One of the significant events at the rally was a performance by the school’s K-Dance Group, led by Junior Alyssa Bautista. 

K-Dance is a group/community of people who share their love of K-Pop (Korean Popular Music). K-Pop has blown up in popularity in the U.S. thanks to popular K-Pop groups like BTS, BLACKPINK, Seventeen, and EXO.

“We copied our performance off a cover dance, so basically someone already performed and we just learned the dance from them,” said Bautista. 

The song they danced to was “Antifragile” by K-pop girl group, Le Sserafim, which was practiced for about 2 months beforehand.  

“We only practiced two days of the week and only for like an hour and a half. So we didn’t have much time,” Bautista said.

The group said they became stressed about practicing their performance because of the lack of time. However, when the time came for them to perform, the performance was overall good in the eyes of the group, who called their performance “decent.”

“In the beginning, one of our members messed up. It is okay to mess up, but I feel like we needed a little bit more practice,” said Bautista.

Another member of the group, Jimmy Garcia, would also clarify a bit further on the mess up, “They tripped, but I feel like it was professional of them to keep on going, so I was like ‘Thank Goodness.’”

Even though the performance was considered decent by the group, the audience had a more positive take, especially the seniors.

“I think most of the seniors [in the audience] enjoyed it since it’s their last year,” said Bautista. “They were pumping us up a lot, but other than that, all the other classes cheered, but not so much.”

Even though the group saw a decent performance, at the end of the day, they had a fun time. Which seems to be the integral part of the K-Dance Club, to have fun and express their love and passion for K-Pop. 

The K-Dance Club’s desire is to make spectacular performances, and show their love of K-Pop to the world, and in their eyes, they believe they’re doing a good job at it.