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Hero App: CSMs track student behavior, both the bad and good


For the past several years, staff at Stagg High School have been using an app on their phones called ¨Hero App¨ to track data like student tardiness, behavior, skipping, and more. CSMs and security would only need a student’s ID, name, or student number to see past behavior information.

Students shouldn’t be too worried. This app isn’t only used to track negative incidents, staff can also reward students for positive behavior. This could include small acts of kindness, hard work, or following school rules. Last year, a student won a Playstation 4 just for wearing their ID.

In an interview with CSM Gary Bottley, it was found out that the Hero App was linked with the school´s No Go List, and that it used to be called ¨Hero Points¨. Bottley said, ¨I put a lot of students there.¨ The negative choices a student makes could easily lead them to the No-Go list, and it is easily accessible to the staff. 

With the Hero App, staff don’t have to go out of their way to chase down a student to write a referral. CSMs like Will Romeo are able to recognize students who frequently skip and are able to track that behavior using the Hero App.

This means that students who often break school rules would be easily added to the No-Go list, even without their awareness, since they will have them already programmed on the app, as confirmed by CSMs.

This is a good reason to stay in class. Students should be aware of the app, otherwise, they themselves could be put on the No-go list.

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