Good intentions fall short of actually being good

Senior wrestler Brandan Johnston forfeits matches to girls because he doesn’t want to hurt them




This year during the colorado state championship for wrestling, senior Brandan Johnston was faced with a hard decision. Johnston had plans to chase a state title, but he had never imagined he’d be losing his matches to forfeits.

When the wrestler realized he’d be going against Jaslynn Gallegos, a high school senior, and Angel Rios, a high school junior, he decided he was going to give up the match because they’re both girls. “I’m not really comfortable with a couple of things with wrestling a girl,” Johnston told The Denver Post.

He believes that the physical and “intimate” nature of the sport just makes it not right to wrestle a girl. He says he “doesn’t want to treat a young lady like that.” As a wrestler I see where he’s coming from, but I still don’t think he should have given up the match.

I’ve had to wrestle boys before. For my weight class, 170, the build of these boys is usually buff and tall. But as an athlete I know what I’m getting myself into. I chose to wrestle those boys, so I’m not going to get upset if they go all out against me.

In some states, there is no league for girls to wrestle in so there is really no other option for these girls. Obviously those girls were good enough to have made it to the state level, and then later on place. Johnston had good intentions by not wrestling those girls, but it still wasn’t something that should be praised.