DE’LILAH VEGA: Putting the bat away


Senior De’Lilah Vega has been playing softball for the past seven years; after graduation, she is going to end her softball career.

Vega is on the varsity team for Stagg, and she currently plays second base. Vega can be considered a well rounded player, seeing as in past years she has played every other position besides center field. Vega first got into softball because she was exposed to it when she was younger through her family. Vega says, “I found softball through my family, but stayed in it because of my teammates that I consider to be my sisters.”

She describes herself as a “positive player,”and she makes sure that she lets nothing get to her, and she doesn’t let the loses get to her or bring her down. She tries to learn from her mistakes, and also tries to encourage her friends when they’re down. Vega describes one of her biggest achievements as getting the most valuable player award her freshman year; she also describes that year as one of the years she has had the most fun in.

Even though Vega will not continue to play softball in college because she would like to focus on her major, she sayd she will “definitely miss practicing with the other girls.” She describes her team as doing what they love while having fun, and that is something that she is going to miss the most.