Career survey more important than students think


All students took the career survey in fourth period. But many students stopped to ask, why? Well, it’s something like an aptitude test.  After students take the test, the district crunches the numbers, and the school finds out which programs need to be bolstered. It gives students an idea of what they’re interested in and the school can help accommodate these groups of students by funding the programs that will help them get into their selected field. The students may not know what they want to become.

Chan Sam, the head counselor, said, “In most cases, students don’t know what they want to do. The survey gives them a chance to see their skills and what they might be good at.”

He also said that many students would stay confused and unknowing about what they would want to have as a career if it weren’t for this survey.

This survey helps students get into AP classes and classes that help develop certain skills like Autotech, Orchestra, or Dance. The results help administrators see which students get into what classes and what programs get promoted because of a lack of students.

It also determines which classes and programs get played down because they have too many students. The survey affects which classes stay here and which go. For example, drama was here at Stagg three years ago, but was removed because of student disinterest and based on that less funding each year.

Results are released to students on an individual and global scale.