ARIANA RAYGOZA: Taekwondo helps self esteem and athletic ability


Ever since she was young, sophomore Ariana Raygoza has participated in taekwondo. She was pushed into the sport by her older sisters, both which are black belts in the rigorous sport. Raygoza goes to the taekwondo dojo on miracle mile, and she’s been going there ever since she started out in the sport.

Raygoza also participates in tournaments, and has her own fair share of medals she has won. In addition to taekwondo, Raygoza participates in cheer, volleyball, track and field, and basketball for Stagg. She attributes the majority her athletic ability to her time in taekwondo. “After you’ve been in a sport like taekwondo, other sports just don’t seem that difficult anymore.”

Raygoza also adds that because of taekwondo she feels more confident in herself. “I’m very small, so now I know that if anything ever happens to me I’ll be able to defend myself to some extent.”