Student archer makes something great out of an unwanted sport


Cardnea practicing her archery skills, 2/3/23 at The Vegas Shoot.

Freshman Alexis Garcia-Cardenas, originally didn’t want to participate in archery, the sport that she now excels in. According to Cardenas, ¨My grandparents were somewhat forcing me.¨

Cardenas has come a long way and will soon compete in the Southern California Chula Vista Nationals. As of this year, Cardenas has competed in some competitions. However, it wasn’t always like this.

The ex-soccer player of 5 years took a big leap of familiarity from soccer to archery. Cardenas claims, ¨My grandparents were somewhat forcing me to try out a new sport”

Not only was the change in sports physical, from the practices to the conditioning. It altered her mindset as well. In soccer, Cardnea could rely and fall back onto her team for help. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for archery. Cardnea states she had to alter her mindset and learn to depend on herself. Given archery is a single person sport.

In addition, Cardena also claims it was different due to, ¨how many nerves i get going head to head against someone in competitions.¨ This doesn’t stop the archer however. She recently placed 8th against Recurve Cadet girls at her latest competition.

Despite her not wanting to participate in archery at first under her grandparents order, she stuck to it. Cardnea left what was familiar to her and adapted to archery. The sport she now excels in.