ZACHARY MARTINEZ: Hopes to follow sister’s legacy


Solomon Juarez

Zachary Martinez plays catch with teammate to warm up his arm for practice.

Freshman Zachary Martinez plans on using his eight years of experience to help him shine out on the baseball diamond. Growing up, Martinez had a love for baseball, seeing his older sister Christina Martinez play softball made him want to follow in her footsteps.

“I would like to be as good as she was and leave my own legacy here at Stagg like she did.”

Martinez and his sister, both power hitting catchers, often practice together when they can. From playing catch to hitting, Martinez enjoys the help and criticism his sister gives him.

“She tells me what I’m doing wrong, it helps me when I play because she knows what she’s talking about.”

While only being a freshman many people already know of Martinez and his playing capability. Being related to Christina has given the freshman a name already. He shares the pressure he feels being the little brother of his home-run record setting sister.

“I feel some pressure of continuing the family legacy. If I don’t perform I feel like people will say you’re Brick’s brother you’re supposed to do good.”

He is excited for the season and plans on taking as many wins as possible with his team. Martinez is planning to play for not only himself but for his team this season.