XOCHILT JUAREZ: Plays for the emotions

Junior Xochilt Juarez has known nothing but soccer all her life. She’s been playing for about 14 years now and plans on playing for as long as she can.

Most people play the sport for the competition or the game, but Juarez plays it for the emotional connections with her teammates.

“Soccer is a way to connect with other people to where you and them end up becoming family.” said Juarez.

She recently sprained her ankle, but instead of sitting around and moping at home, she decided to go to the practices and games to give her coaches a helping hand.

“giving advice to my teammates that need help, and just by thinking positive, so the healing process goes by faster.” said juarez.

Sometimes injuries aren’t the reason some athletes are feeling down, sometimes they just have a bad day. Soccer has became an outlet for Juarez and she goes to it for happiness and comfort.

“If I’m not having a good day, then  i just get a soccer ball and start to kick it around, it instantly makes me feel better.