Photo by Rubi Rico

Junior So Her is not only a badminton player, but a cross country runner.

He’s down by five and his stamina running on low. He figures that he has already lost. All these doubts are flying through his head, but he quickly pushes those negative thoughts aside and continues to give his all. He ends up winning by a two point lead and gets a huge wave of relief.

Junior So Her is not a stranger to this feeling while playing badminton. Although he has been playing since he was 10 years old, he was never on an actual team. He still felt like he was on a team because of his families competitive atmosphere. Badminton has always been something that Her has enjoyed playing. Over time that enjoyment has developed into a passion.

“Everytime I play its exciting, but intense,” Her said. “ I have to stay focused otherwise that intensity will interfere with my playing.”

Her describes just how competitive the sport actually is, he enjoys watching clips of olympic professionals on youtube. He watches in awe at the birdie is flying at rapid speeds and the players are hopping all over the court. He studies their technique carefully and dreams of someday being there competing as well.

Her tries to never put himself above any other players and views everyone’s skill level as equal with his. This allows him to set himself up for a win.