He walks up behind his team mates and gives them words of encouragement. He is not just simply doing this to be nice, he’s getting into the mindset he needs to be in before he’s up.

Junior Jonathon Ivy is on the swim team and says that encouraging his team mates is the way he gets ready for a meet.

It is his first year on the team and he said, “It’s exciting, being apart of a group that shares the same interests as you.”

Ivy has only performed two different types of strokes: the backstroke and freestyle. Out of the two he likes he freestyle one the best.

Swimming teaches him discipline. One has to learn how to control your breathing and how to keep endurance up. “It gets challenging when you have to go long distances, like the 500 meter,” he said. Being at the meet can be very nerve-racking, so one thing he suggests one should do before competing is go to the bathroom.

Ivy said that swim is a fun and good way to cool off while exercising and is excited to join the team next year.