Woosh. Thump. Woosh. Thump. Woosh. CRACK! These are the sounds of a game watched by the masses and played by the passionate. Softball. E

Emily Brawley knows this better than most. The sophomore is dedicated. She goes to all games and practices without fail.She even practices in her free time.

“Its like I was born with a ball in my hand.”Brawley said,”Softball is my passion.”

Ever since she was a little girl playing tee ball, she has loved the game. Her and her younger sister, Amanda Brawley, also a sophomore,both play together year round. We play summer ball, fall ball, spring ball and practice in the winter, said the Brawleys.

They may not be the best on the team but they are veterans to the sport and   are knowledgeable about it. They often help new players learn batting stances and how to play positions.

They are average students, but they go above and beyond the call when  it comes to softball.