Starting from the soccer field now to the track. Junior David Morales took up running after what had began as a way to stay in shape for soccer, but eventually grew to love track more.

Morales began track his sophomore year, and continues this year.  But due to injury, Morales hasn’t been able to compete or practice much since the season has started. While running Morales had troubles in his groins, but he continued on running. Although it hurt, he continued attending practices and giving his all for the next three days, until he could no longer tolerate the pain.

“I don’t give up,” Morales said. ” I don’t stop practicing until it’s serious.”

For this season, Morales hopes to better himself by breaking five minutes for the mile, going under 2:10 for the 800m, and winning TCAL. As of right now, Morales stands at 2:17 for the 800m and 5:24 for the mile.

“Practicing everyday is how I’ll get to the top,” Morales said. “I won’t stop at anything.”