She stands on second base. Between her focus working in overdrive, and the sun scorching down upon her, little beads of sweat begin to form around her hairline.

This is just another afternoon for  Sophomore, Amanda Brawley. She has been playing softball alongside her sister Emily since the age of 5.

“We definitely have sibling rivalry,” she said. “But its all in good fun, we’ll joke about who the better player and who’s going to go farther.”

Brawley summarizes this season as tough with all the practices and games, but as her team got to know one another they started to work as a team which made a huge difference.

“Practices got easier and we began to play a lot better,” she said.

Brawley has been fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who encourage and support her, however she shakes her head as she describes a few times this wasn’t  the case.

“I would invite different friends to my games but they come up with different excuses of they couldn’t come that just weren’t realistic,” she said. “The people who came every game I knew those were my real friends.”

With every sport you have to go outside your comfort zone, and for Brawley that is batting.

“I need all my focus, I know I’m not the strongest hitter,” she said. “I hit for power not for placement.”

For now brawley is putting away her bat and glove she’s anticipating next season and also wants to try out for water polo.

“ As most athletes do, I’m trying find “my” sport, my passion.”