VERONICA FLORES: Racing through first cross country season


Coming into high school, freshman Veronica Flores knew she wanted to go out for cross country but she never knew she would be close to undefeated. Flores had done track in her elementary years so coming into high school, she decided she would go out for cross country. Not only will this sport help Flores condition for track season but it will also help her keep up with her grades and school work.

When running Flores’s strategy is to focus on the person in front of her until she ends up passing them and then she just continues to focus on the road.

Although she did almost go undefeated this season, transitioning from track to cross country was not an easy task.

“Cross country is a longer distance and I was used to sprinting on track.”

Flores was able to overcome this obstacle with pure determination and support from her teammates and coach. Not only does she see herself running cross country and track throughout her high school career, but she plans on pursuing it in college.

Before a meet she feels nervous, but the feeling after finishing her race is amazing and that pushes her to keep moving forward. She knows she can accomplish what she sets her mind to.

“I know I have accomplished something because I only see myself at the finish line.”