SARAH JOHNSON: Second year wrestling helps in more ways than one


Angel Vasquez

Junior Sarah Johnson practices a pop up drill.

A couple years ago, conditioning for track used to be the only thing senior Sarah Johnson would be doing during the Winter sports season. However, after deciding to take a new path in her junior year, that quickly changed. To keep her body in shape for track season, Johnson decided to join the wrestling team. Johnson said, “Usually around this time I would be conditioning for track, but wrestling also helps keep me in shape for track season.”

However, there have been time where she has doubts. “There are some times when I think it’s too competitive and hard for me, but I just keep on trying.”

Other than to help herself for track, she also joined because it was a sport she had always admired. “Another reason I joined wrestling because it was a new sport I’ve always wanted to try.” Johnson admires the sport so much and is happy to have played for the last years of her high school career. 

Johnson also thinks of her coaches and teammates in a very positive way. She thinks of her head coach Dao Tep as “very motivational and inspiring.” She also says, “He’s trustworthy and very cool to talk to.” Johnson also believes her captains are very helpful and deserve the position they have. “The captains are very captain-material. They get their jobs done and make sure everyone is learning the moves.”

As far as the practices, they differ very much from practices she is used to. “Training for wrestling is way more intense than any other sports that I have done, I have never sweated so much in my life.” Johnson also said, “It’s hard for me to remember the names of the specific wrestling moves, but I think I’ll get around it.” She has also said that she is still getting used to using her upper body strength.

In the end, Johnson loves the sport no matter the difficulties. Not only does she have fun wrestling, but she also claims the sport and team are very welcoming. “We bond everyday, it’s like we’re all apart of a family.” Johnson may have her track family, but for now she has her wrestling family.