ROMAN AMEPEROSA: Follows in father’s footsteps

With less than a year of experience, freshman Roman Ameperosa has dominated in track and field. Having natural talent, the discus thrower triumphs all of his competition.

“I made section finals this week,” Ameperosa said. “I set the new county record, 134 feet.”

He shares the reasoning behind why he decided to join track and field and specifically choose the discus.

“My dad told me a little bit about it when I was younger. He did the discus, shot put, and the javelin throw for three years.”

Having much respect and admiration for his father, Ameperosa, like many other sons, wanted to follow his father in his footsteps.

Being the athlete he is, Ameperosa also shares the love and dedication he has for football. Always keeping in shape for football, he explains how that helps him with track and field.

“The weight room helps me a lot with all the exercises coach Norton has us do. I get my strength from that.”

From all the success he has had in one season, the freshman plans on continuing to throw the discus throughout the rest of his high school career.