MENA TORRES: Quality strategies help improve performance

It’s all about technique. Technique leads to better performance. Better performance leads to winning. For junior Mena Torres, winning is the goal.

When she was younger Torres recalls being regarded as a strong swimmer. Ever since her  freshman year, she had wanted to join the swim team.

After testing out the waters last year, Torres realized how much of a strong swimmer she actually was. Since then, she has developed strategies to improve her swimming. These techniques have helped advance her swimming tremendously from last season.

“My longer strokes help me extend all the way.” By doing so, Torres is able to gain further distance in a shorter amount of time. Her coach, Marcus Sherman, also recognizes these improvements. “She’s much more faster with her strokes,” he said. “She’s one of our top scorers on the team right now.”

Another technique she has developed is making sure to look at the bottom of the pool when swimming. “Looking at the bottom helps keep your lower half of your body up along with your arms.”

Torres looks at swim not only as a sport, but as a stress reliever. “When I get out there I feel different, everything I’m worried about goes away.” All of her new friends and teammates also make this experience that much better. “I’m glad I’ve gotten a lot closer with a lot of people.”

Although she has made great improvement already, Torres has more goals in store that she intends to accomplish before this season comes to an end. “I want to win at least first in all of my hundreds, especially in all of the relays we do.”  

Going into her senior year, Torres plans to use the same techniques that have helped her achieve so much in her last seasons. “Swim has changed my life,” she said. “It makes me happy when I do it.”