MARKELL SHELTON: Football used as motivation in school

Imagine the one thing you love being taken away from you. This is what senior Markell Shelton had to experience last year during the 2017 football season.

Being a transfer from Lincoln High School, the running back had to miss out on a whole season. “Not being able to play last year was stressful,” Shelton said. With this new year he is finally playing the game that means the most to him.

Even though he faced setbacks that did not discourage him. “I continued to train and workout.” Playing football for over nine years, Shelton describes it as his whole world and motivation to perform well in the classroom.

“Football means everything to me. It’s the reason why I’m in school, I have to have the grades in order to play.”

Hoping for a good season, Shelton plans on making his senior year a memorable one and a stepping stone to potentially play the sport he loves most at the next level.