MARIELE JONES: Fought her way to the top

Some girls grow up wanting to be a princess, or a cheerleader, some even the president of the United States. For sophomore Mariele Jones, being a princess consisted of kicking the life out of someone.

From the age of nine Jones has been doing taekwondo, but she says it’s something she tried to avoid.

“I really didn’t want to do it, I wanted to do soccer,”Jones said. “But my dad wanted me to do it (taekwondo).”

Jones said she did end up doing soccer before taekwondo, but she fell for the love of fighting even more. Jones participates in many tournaments in which she fights against opponents who are in her same weight group, age, and rank. Jones being a black belt, which happens to be the highest rank says the competition could get tough, but she doesn’t let it get to her.

Scoring isn’t as easy as some may seem. Jones explains that when gearing up most of her gear she wears during her fights are electronic. The more hits equals the more points for Jones.

Although Jones does volleyball for the JV team, she says nothing will compare to the love she endures for taekwondo.

“I don’t get nervous,” Jones said. “I just have to imagine myself beating them and I’ll be fine.”