MALIA CHRISTIANO: Becoming a mentor to other players

No matter how every sport offered at Stagg is different in its own way, they all have the same goal; they want to bring home a banner to hang up. “Our goal this year for the girls water polo team is to win out of our league and bring a banner to Stagg,” said senior Malia Christiano. With a recent loss against Bear Creek, the team now has two wins and one loss.

Although this may not be her first time coming out for water polo, this season has sure been a change for her. “Since we have a new coach, the practices are different,” she said. Although she may miss her last coach, she does enjoy what the new coach can offer. “With a younger coach, he’s able to teach us newer tactics.”

Christiano, like others, has become one of the veterans of the team. Playing since her sophomore year, she has experience that exceeds that of many girls. “It’s weird because I’m not used to being that person that knows more.” Even if it takes extra work, Christiano does try to help out. “I try my best to teach the other girls on the team better strategies to do certain things.”

With the season about halfway through, Christiano does have goals set for herself that she hopes to achieve. “I want to score during my games more often and become faster in the water.” As a senior, she acknowledges that this will be her last season playing water polo for Stagg. “I just want to go all out since it’s my last year.”

Like last year, Christiano enjoys the chemistry the team has. She describes everyone as “friendly” and “cooperating.” With a team full of friends, she knows this water polo season will standout the most. “This year has just been fun so far, and a part of that is because of the team I play with everyday.”