LUCAS NINCIONI: Keeping in shape

From freestyle swimming to shooting, junior Lucas Nincioni takes on his second year playing water polo. Only having two years of experience, he is ready for a better season.

Starting off as a swimmer Nincioni had no intentions on ever playing water polo. It wasn’t until his coach Marcus Sherman, head water polo and boys swim coach, convinced him to tryout his sophomore year.

“Sherman told me I was a pretty good swimmer and I should go out and do water polo since they needed people.”

Nincioni decided to give the sport a go, “It was rough, but I ended up liking it,” he said. “So I ended up doing it this year too.”

Still being new to the sport he stresses the importance of practice. Nincioni believes lots of practice was the key factor that helped him learn the game quickly and grow as a player.

“Sherman makes us have a lot of morning practices and after school practices,” he said. “If you can’t swim a lot, then you can’t play water polo because the whole sport is just swimming. It’s all about getting in there and swimming.”

He enjoys that water polo gives him the opportunity to play a sport when swim isn’t in season, he likes being able to constantly exercise rather than being at home without anything to do.

Nincioni is looking forward to a good season, he has learned more from last season and is continuing to learn. As for the team he trusts that they will improve this season and win more games.