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LORENZ CAYANONG: Hit to reality

Having no memory of what occurred and being unconscious for a couple of minutes; is what took place after junior Lorenz Cayanong was injured during a game.

That night, the Delta Kings were playing against the Lincoln Zebras from Sacramento.

“I was jumping up for a rebound, and my opponent got me from below which led me to fall back and hit my head,” Cayanong said.

Within the matter of seconds, Cayanong was on the court unconscious.

“I finally woke up in an ambulance.” As he woke up he felt a severe pain on his neck. Cayanong feared that his injury was going to end his season this year. He suffered from a neck sprain and a concussion.

Cayanong was clueless and didn’t remember what happened. “When I arrived to the hospital, my coach was there and explained to me what happened,” he said.

It only took him a week to recover.

He admits he was frightened to come back to the court but now he sees it as a lesson.

“People tend to say I play reckless but this has taught me to be careful.”

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Home of the Delta Kings
LORENZ CAYANONG: Hit to reality