LESLEI LOPEZ: Player juggles multiple sports


Leslei Lopez isn’t like the average student. While juggling school, ASB, and three sports, one would say she’s got a lot on her plate.

She started playing sports in the seventh grade, when she began basketball, then started playing soccer and tennis her sophomore year in high school. The senior says she definitely likes basketball the best “because I love being on the court, and the crown always gets my adrenaline going.” She also says it’s a great stress reliever from school.

Lopez says that there wasn’t anyone in her family or around her that necessarily made her want to start playing basketball, or any of the other sports that she plays, but that it just caught her attention, and she thought it would be fun, so she tried it out. She also adds that she’s almost certain that she would continue to play basketball when she goes to college; even if it’s a community college, she still wants to play.

When asked what she would say if someone came to her and was nervous about trying out for a team, she said, “I would say to just go for it. It’s always worth it to give it a shot, because you may think you won’t make the team, but you wouldn’t know that unless you tried. And even if you don’t make the team, it’s fun to try out, and besides you could always try again the next year.”